Award for 'My Primary Lover Never Hollywood Kissed Me':

Best short film at Philadelphia International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 1999

Awards for 'Do I Love You?':

Best New Director, Seattle International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2003

Audience Award for Best Feature, Cineffable Film Festival, Paris 2003

Jury Award for Best Feature, Mezipatra Film Festival, Prague 2004

Awards for 'Tick Tock Lullaby":

Best Feature Award, Britspotting, Berlin 2007


What they say about 'Tick Tock Lullaby'

The acting is excellent...the direction is deft, with a focus on capturing the realism of low-key moments that still drive the action forward. As a result, the film feels fresh and honest. USA February 2008

A unique (and quite frankly, really beautiful) feature.

Moving Pictures Magazine April 2007

The performances in Tick Tock Lullaby are absolutely superb. The cast had a beautiful and sensitive script to work with...a fearlessly real and wonderful film.

The Smell of Napalm July 2008

A sometimes introspective and sometimes hilarious film about life, love and London ladies.

Time Out London July 2008

An elegant and irreverant British Comedy

Curve Magazine September 2007

Just when you thought films couldn't get better after Bound, it seems Gornick may have conquered it once again.

Diva Magazine June 2008

Artfully crafted with leads Gornick and Raquel Cassidy on mark, Tick Tock Lullaby delivers"

Advocate May 2007

Three couples wrestle with the urge to procreate in Lisa Gornick's smart and provocative film.

San Francisco Chronicle June 2007

It's offbeat, thought-provoking and just plain funny, with a nifty British ensemble.

The Bay Area Reporter June 2007

Shot with a beautifully fluid camera, Tick Tock Lullaby is an intimate, complex, and elaborate exploration of sexuality, relationships, and most important, parenthood.

San Francisco Bay Gaurdian June 2007

One of the happiest surprises of this year's festival...Tick Tock Lullaby is tough, smart and often acutely funny stuff

Creative Loafing, USA October 2007

What's most impressive about Tick Tock Lullaby is the balance Gornick finds in the three versions of parents: the unique and sometimes misguided ways people of all proclivities find themselves making children, it normalizes it all. This isn't a gay film; it's a movie about people who are of that age when lullabies are stuck in their heads, and it's about the obstacles - emotional, physical and sexual - they face on their path to parenthood.

Home Media Magazine, USA Febraury 2008

Often hilarious and never propagandistic, the film nonetheless makes a good case for gay parenthood

Ms Magazine Spring 2008

What they say about 'Do I Love You?':

Do I Love You? is just one of the questions that this intimate film about a lesbian and her place in the world tries to answer. When Marina (Gornick) and her partner Romy (Cassidy) break up, emotional fallout provokes Marina to embark on a philosophical journey to find out who and what she is. How should she "brand"herself? Why is she a lesbian? What is love? Listening to her thoughts as she travels through her daily London life and relationships with friends and family, you witness her own problems reflected in those around her and her gradual realisation and acceptance of herself.

A gentle yet honest account of the often chaotic nature of gay relationships, Gornick's debut feature has won several accolades at international gay and lesbian film festivals, and deservedly so. Do I Love You? is not just a lesbian film, it is a beautifully shot story that addresses the fears and anxieties that affect us all.

The Times, 4 stars
* * * *

Do I Love You? a UK queer comedy that is surely one of the two or three best lesbian films ever made. You heard me, best lesbian films ever! This innovative, witty and unexpected lesbian comedy from writer, director and star Lisa Gornick is right at the top of my list right now.

Do I Love You? is an absolute rarity in cinema: a graceful first effort that reminds viewers exactly why we love cinema in the first place.

Curve Magazine, USA

A smart, provocative debut feature - Give it a go and you may be won over by its honesty, intelligence and offbeat sense of humour.

BBC Online

Wonderful...An intelligent film.

TIP Berlin

Accurate, amusing...probing commentary...wry observations, 'Do I Love You?' bucks the trend.

Sight and Sound

Gornick paints a picture of queer culture that humorously reassesses popular stereotypes and misconceptions.

The Radio Times

The sort of movie you might expect to be set in Paris or New York..well written with attractive cosmopolitan lightness.

The Guardian

A sharp, sexy, London set chick flick.

SX Magazine

It's refreshing to come across a film that puts at its centre a woman with dilemmas and reflections both big and small.

Time Out Tel Aviv

This film is a real event is the first full length feature on UK lesbian life in a decade the signs are promising for this philosophical adventure.

Ourworld Magazine.

Quirky and offbeat this London romantic comedy is endearing and enjoyable.

Gornick is what would have happened if a young Woody Allen had grown up in the body of a cute British lesbian

Now Toronto, 4 stars
* * * *

All the excitement and risk taking of a debut feature and uses its London locations to great affect... Lisa Gornick is definitely a filmmaker who is going places.