'Do I Love You?' is a romantic philosophical comedy about life and the questions it throws
at you.

It starts with the breakdown of the relationship between Marina (Lisa Gornick) and her girlfriend Romy (Raquel Cassidy).

Marina’s need to know why this has happened spirals out to include an ensemble of characters all dealing with issues that reflect her own.

Set in London and shot in the first person, this is a vibrant exploration of love, life and its labels.


Lisa Gornick: Marina (Woman on bike)

Raquel Cassidy: Romy (her girlfriend)

Ruth Posner: Paula (Marina’s mother)

Brendan Gregory: Stefan (and her father)

Sarah Patterson: Louise (a columnist)

Kemal Sylvester: Greg (her boyfriend)

Kate McGoldrick: Alice (a photographer)

Harri Alexander: Lois (her girlfriend)

Caitlin Morrow: Susie (Marina's ex girlfriend)

Sophie Grimmer: Rachel (her girlfriend)

Aimee Cowan: Petra (Susie's friend)

Olivia MacDonald: Vanessa (Marina ex no. 2)

Ben Paterson: Peter (a writer)

Anna Stokes: Yvonne (his girlfriend)

Darren Black: David (Marina's ex boyfriend)

Roger Irvin Dunn: Saul (the naked man)

Carmine Canuso: John (the unwilling father)

Tracey Kashi: Monica (Romy's ex)

Catriona McLaughlin: Pippa (Louise's editor)

Kiki Kendrick: Rita (the troublesome ex)

Birghitta Bernard: Maxine (the therapist)


Writer/Director: Lisa Gornick

Director's Assistant: Ofra Shelef

Camera: Inge Blackman, Michael Needham, Heide Martin

Sound: Sophie Meyer, Michael Needham, Megan Welford

Production Assistants: Katie Beck, David Hopper, Rachel Stein

Stills: Liane Harris

Editors: Maya T. Harris, Diarmid Scrimshaw

Online Editor: Sue Giovanni

Sound Mixer: Matthew Gough


Ruben Gonzalez performs Cumbanchero (Rafael Hernandez) and Tres Lindas Cubanas (Guillermo Castillo)

Orlando Cachaito Lopez performs Mis dos Pequenas (Anais Cruz)

Afro Cuban All Stars perform Habana del Este (Arranged by Juan de Maro Gonzalez)

All available through World Circuit with permission of World Circuit and Peer Music

Adrian Sutton performs Gnossiennes 1 and 5 by Erik Satie

Sophie Grimmer performs 'Was I not a little blade of grass?' by Pytor Tchaikovsky